At the Jazz Bakery - June 2019
Photo by Bob Barry

At the Jazz Bakery - June 2019 Photo by Bob Barry


A concert pianist and jazz vocalist, Marina Pacowski was born in France. As a pianist, Marina has toured internationally, performing extensively in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, as well as in the United States where she is currently residing in Los Angeles. Marina is a passionate and devoted teacher who taught for over 20 years in the conservatory of music “Maurice Ravel,” in Bayonne, France, as well as giving master classes at many work shops and music camps. Having lived in Los Angeles for over 3 years now, she also teaches at the Rhodes School of Music. As a jazz vocalist, Marina has performed in L.A. jazz hot-spots including the Jazz Bakery,  The Lighthouse ( La-la-Land) and was featured as a guest vocalist for a tribute to guitarist Kenny Burrell at the Catalina Jazz Club. A lover and performer of chamber music, Marina was awarded the 2017 “Best Collaborative Music Award” by the International Society of Bassists.