A blast and a full house for Marina Pacowski’s Band at Jazz Under Ground/Oeno Vino last Wednesday!!

A real blast with an electrifying evening of jazz! A burning band composed by Marina Pacowski on vocals and scat, Bevan Manson on piano, Will Lyle on bass, Kevin Van den Helzen on drums ( covering for Steve Hass, initially planned) Will Brahm, special guest on guitar ( Credits: Arturo Sandoval, Gretchen Parlato, Jane Monheit....) played the whole set with us! And last but not least, Kim Richmond on alto sax couldn’t resist to the energy of fire on stage and sat in with us for the whole 2nd set! What a band!! Smiles for the final bow in front of a Stand up ovation of the audience, packing up the room! #JazzUnderGround @Oeno Vino in Los Angeles! ??❤️?✌?? 
Being praised by my peers on stage at the end of the show and by our special guest Will Brahm who said: “Great stuff, great show Marina!”...”  Marina’s famous magic energy!” .... achieved to put a smile on my face for the rest of the night ... ☺️??