Welcome to the website of french multi-facettes artist Marina Pacowski

Marina Pacowski is a french born Concert Pianist, Jazz Vocalist, and Actress.
She performs all over the world ; Marina is always eager to meet new universes and artists, rolling with her unremovable french accent, no matter what language she speaks! ;)
A vibrant and passionate artist, Marina also write her own shows that she leads in her Company of Theater and Music 
' Company 20 de la Luna ' .

Welcome to her world!
Picture JJ Vertut from the show :
'Albert Cohen Variations' by Marina Pacowski
Ville d'Anglet et Scene Nationale Sud aquitain
with actors Jean-Marie Burucoa and Marina Pacowski. Director Agnes Yobregat.
Compagnie 20 de la Luna on FB

Picture JJ Vertut from the show : 'Albert Cohen Variations' by Marina Pacowski Coproduction: Ville d'Anglet et Scene Nationale Sud aquitain with actors Jean-Marie Burucoa and Marina Pacowski. Director Agnes Yobregat. Compagnie 20 de la Luna on FB

 Albert Cohen Variations: One of the shows I have conceived, played and acted in!

My new CD now available for sale!! ? ⭐️??? 


What an honor and pride to have been chosen by an amazing American composer to play and record his music in America and with a full and fantastic orchestra ( see link to the photos of the recording session)!! The Cd is now available for sale at the composer Frank PROTO’s website! SO EXCITING! You can also listen to an excerpt of the premiere. Virtuoso, brilliant, sensitive and deep, that’s Frank’s music!! I am really blessed and proud to play it! Take a look and a listen at his website and welcome to purchase the CD! ?⭐️????

Photos of the recording session with the orchestra 



New duet Piano and Violin! 

I have started an exciting new collaboration with violonist Megan Shung! Stay tuned, and you can already hire us for concerts, Private events... etc! Music and Sunshine spirit are guaranteed with this new duet!!??✨????

A blast and a full house for Marina Pacowski’s Band at Jazz Under Ground/Oeno Vino last Wednesday!! 

A real blast with an electrifying evening of jazz! A burning band composed by Marina Pacowski on vocals and scat, Bevan Manson on piano, Will Lyle on bass, Kevin Van den Helzen on drums ( covering for Steve Hass, initially planned) Will Brahm, special guest on guitar ( Credits: Arturo Sandoval, Gretchen Parlato, Jane Monheit....) played the whole set with us! And last but not least, Kim Richmond on alto sax couldn’t resist to the energy of fire on stage and sat in with us for the whole 2nd set! What a band!! Smiles for the final bow in front of a Stand up ovation of the audience, packing up the room! #JazzUnderGround @Oeno Vino in Los Angeles! ??❤️?✌?? 
Being praised by my peers on stage at the end of the show and by our special guest Will Brahm who said: “Great stuff, great show Marina!”...”  Marina’s famous magic energy!” .... achieved to put a smile on my face for the rest of the night ... ☺️??



4 shows in the next 10 days, starting tonight!  

Wether singing some jazz or playing piano, I’ve got 4 exciting and different shows to come in the next 10 days! Then, I am off for France for a month! So, if you want to say hi/ goodbye, you can catch me there! So grateful and happy for this!

1) Tomorrow Monday 27th I’m honored to be invited to play piano solo for the wonderful poet Mandy Kahn, at the University of Philosophical Research at 7.30pm 

2) Wednesday 29th, singing at Jazz-Underground’s série @ Oeno Vino in Glendale 
with the amazing Bevan Manson, Will Lyle, Steve Hass, Will Brahm!  

3) Sunday February 2nd: 11.30-2pm: At the Federal Noho, in duet and invited by the incredible Will BRAHM! 

4) Thursday February 6th: on piano for a Chamber Music/sonata recital at UCI in Irvine with the brilliant Matt Hare on upright bass!  

Stay tuned, More to come when I am back in town, mid-March!!! ?????????❤️?


Marina PACOWSKI’s band at Jazz Under-Ground this Wednesday!  

I will be singing and cheerfully scatting for this performance. Inspired by the amazing musicians I am lucky to share music with:

Marina Pacowski (Vocals) band: 

Bevan Manson: Piano

Steve Hass: Drums

Will Lyle: Bass

Special guest: guitarist Will Brahm.


Major achievement of this year: My CD is out!!! Thank you, Frank Proto!!!  

?✨⭐️My new CD* is out!! This is the achievement of a 3 years project, since the prolific and amazing American composer Frank Proto, first started to write and dedicate a whole piano concerto to me!! The world premiere was last year at Meadowkark Festival ( Director: Hans STURM) with the Sybarite5 ensemble from NYC and Tyler White conductor. And last summer I had the great honor and joy to record it with a string orchestra in Cincinnati with the wonderful musicians from the Cincinnati Symphony, masterfully conducted by Michael Shertock. I am so grateful to Frank Proto for producing this CD and for being the artistic director of the project. And in the first place, I am truly humbled and honored by the inestimable present of his magnificent music to me! ?

* RED MARK Records label. www.liben.com 


Zen @ Liberate Hollywood- Los Angeles!  

So many wonderful performances have happened lately that I barely keep up with my website! We found our inner peace and opened our shakras up to the music and to our wonderful audience at Liberate Hollywood 2 weeks ago! With Derrick Dymalski, composer and multi instrumentalist, Dalton Yoder, on guitar and bass and composer, and myself on piano and vocals and with some original lyrics of mine. Yang and Yin harmonized well. :)


I had a blast performing in piano solo at Alliance Francaise!! 

LoI had a blast performing my piano solo recital in Mexico at the Centro Del Arte! Merci Alliance Francaise! The hall was packed up and the audience so warm and appreciative! And such wonderful hospitalit!  Happy to have had the great bassist and composer Andres Martin as my guest for one duet together! Hasta luego!! Until next time!! 


Marina Pacowski-Steve Cotter 4tet at the Lighthouse Cafe, in Hermosa Beach! 

It was a pure joy to perform for the 3rd time at the iconic LIGHTHOUSE cafe! last Wednesday! A living legend of jazz, the amazing drummer Roy McCurdy was playing with us! And without a doubt, a future legend, bassist Mike Gurrola was adding his beautiful low sounds! Steve and I, we had, one more time, a lot of fun going over some Bebop and standards tunes! Can’t wait for the next time! 

Link to the Live Recording of Frank Proto’s Piano Concerto written and dedicated to Marina Pacowski!  


? Bonjour! Here is a link to the premiere of the Piano Concerto that composer Frank Proto wrote for me and dedicated to me. It was at Meadowlark festival, directed by the one an only Hans Sturm, with the Sybarite5 ensemble from NYC and the Lincoln Symphony soloists, conducted by Tyler White. I hope you enjoy! A CD Recording is to be released in 2020 with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra directed by Michael Shertock, produced and under the artistic direction of Frank Proto himself !! ?

Previous events


Marina Pacowski- piano solo

Recital Piano Solo- French Music


A musical soirée of French songs and American great song book


Alain Busteed: Presenter Marina Pacowski: Vocals Bevan Manson: piano


Chamber music: piano and bass recital at UCI


Bassist Matt HARE and pianist Marina Pacowski play together some pieces of Desenclos, Bernard Salles ( Portrait for Marina, dedicated and written for Marina Pacowski).... and other famous pieces from the bass repertoire.

Marina Pacowski and Will Brahm at Federal Noho.

Federal Bar Noho, Los Angeles / North Hollywood

Invited by guitarist Will Brahm ( Jane Monheit, Arturo Sandoval, Gretchen Parlato....) French Singer Marina Pacowski will interpret in duo with Will some of the greatest songs from the Great American Jazz Book, and some famous French songs. No cover! Join us and hire us for more events! 🎶😊😘

Marina Pacowsk at Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood

Kimpton Everly Hotel , 1800 Argyle Avenue , Hollywood

“ SHADES OF LOVE!” By Derrick Dylmaski’s trio All beautiful love songs from the jazz and pop American repertoire Marina Pacowski: piano and vocals Derrick Dymalski: Sax, flute, bass, vocals Dalton Yoder: Guitar, vocals


Singer Marina Pacowski and guitarist Andy Waddell in Whittier/CA

Secret :)), WHITTIER, California

Marina and Andy are on call to delight the audience with some Jazz, Latin, pop, French and Christmas songs! 🎤🎸🎄 ⭐️❤️🙏😊



Music and Zen! Marina Pacowski sings and plays in trio with Saxophonist Derrick Dymalski and guitarist Dalton Yoder. Originals by Derrick Dymalski and tunes by Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, on original lyrics by Marina Pacowski.

Marina Pacowski : Piano Solo Recital in Mexico

CAM, TJ/ Mexico

Piano solo Recital at CAM in TJ/ Mexico Semaine de la France at Alliance Française

Marina Pacowski performs in Whittier/ California


Private Halloween Party. Marina Pacowski : Vocals and Piano Steve Cotter: Guitar


Marina Pacowski and guitarist Will Brahm!

The Federal Bar NOHO , North Hollywood

French Vocalist Marina Pacowski sings with guitarist Will Brahm ( Arturo Sandoval, Jane Monheit, Gretchen Parlato....) for a Jazz Brunch in this iconic place! 11.30-2pm. Join us! :)

Marina Pacowski at Edwin Mills!

 —  —

Edwin Mills, 22, Mills Place , PASADENA

I’ll be singing and playing at the charming, quaint and baroque Edwin Mills restaurant in Old Town Pasadena. NO COVER, 3 sets of music, delicious food, and luckily some surprise guest artists!
Reservations recommended at: (626)-564-8656

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